Track Rules

Track Rules

Lipo Battery Safety

  • Any hard case 2s Li Po/ battery packs featuring the CE sign.
  • Max. Battery voltage: 8.40 Volts
  • Max. Charging current: 15 Amps
  • Max. Discharging current: 20 Amps

Motor rules for Stock classes:

  • All ROAR APPROVED SPEC MOTOR (25.5T, 21.5T, 17.5T)
  • All Spec classes must have ESC on Blinky Mode

Weight Rules:

  • Touring Car Minimum weight 1320 Grams 
  • VTA Minimum weight 1400 grams
  • USGT Minimum Weight 1350 grams

Classes Offered:

  • Modified Touring
  • 17.5T Super Stock
  • 21.5T Stock
  • 25.5T Amateur Stock
  • F1
  • USGT
  • VTA
  • Euro Truck

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