ZOO Racing BWOAH GT Body

ZOO Racing BWOAH GT Body

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ZooRacing BWOAH GT Body

The first thing that comes to your mind? BWOAH!


ZooRacing is known for creating extraordinary things. BWOAH is meant to fit into this realm as well.

The transition between GT and LMH bodies is smooth – BWOAH captures that perfectly.


The wheel arches offer enough space to also fit the GT tires with a large diameter.

The super slim cabin plays into the overall wide and flat look of the body.


You’ll find two cutting lines for the rear wing – a 10mm high version that’ll apply to the USGT regulations as well as a higher “Outlaw” option for maximum downforce.

To have the best results even with the lower wing, you can cut the wing longer in the front and place it more backwards on the body – that way you’ll always have the perfect size!


The whole design of BWOAH uses the lowest possible center of gravity and generates maximum corner speed with that, especially on tracks with lot of grip.

The GT classes with less strong motors have been put into consideration as well. The whole air resistance is as low as possible, to create a high topspeed on the straightaway.


The clearance makes allowances for the widespread Tamiya TT-01 and TT-02 models. The design has been adjusted for those, so BWOAH even fits with the high shock towers.

With the especially low models such as Tamiya TC-01 or an Awesomatix, the design uses all its advantages.


For a stable and safe use on the track the body already offers many anti-tuck features: the structures side parts as well as the rigid ribs on the rear offer high stability when the car behind comes to close.

 The BWOAH 190mm body shell comes moulded from high-quality 0.7mm polycarbonate for a low weight of only 75g. The body package is rounded out by high-quality wing mounting hardware and a highly detailed sticker sheet including grill, head and tail lights.



– CAD designed

– Specialised GT LMH body shell with balanced front-to-rear downforce

– Structured rear end for anti-tuck capabilities

– Large wheel arches ensure the tyres will not rub in whatever position

– Anti-tuck capabilities with structured side skirts

– 0.7mm standard body weighs in at about 75g cut including wing

– Detailed decal sheet

– Wing mounting hardware

– Designed to meet all GT/USGT class rules

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